Artist series - Don Eccleston


Don Eccleston is a well-known, now retired art teacher who resides in Uncasville, Connecticut.
He creates mysterious and fascinating semi-abstract images which seem
to carry mythological inferences.

"I was born in 1929 on the day the stock market crashed in New York. It was an inauspicious time that I managed to get through despite the historical calamity that ensued. My early education, though rather sparse in creative experiences except drumming lessons, seemed to be adequet but not inspiring. And so I decided that I would venture forth in a greyhound bus in 1948 to find enchantment in the city of Hollywood, California. Finding a job in a cafe as a dishwasher seemed to be a first step but when the Korean War broke out rather than being drafted I joined the US Airforce. I was assigned to the Airforce drum and bugle core where I was pushed by friends toward the art that became my life. In 1954 I decided to go to school at LA city college and ended up working at a lumber camp in Eureka, Ca during that same semester. It was at this point that I returned home to Connecticut to attend the Hartford Art School and after 3 years I was not content with the overall education I was getting and so I quit and returned to California. At this time I was delivering scripts in and around the movie studios and was on one occasion nearly run over by a very apologetic Lucille Ball......"

His work has been shown in Los Angeles venues, including Barnstable Gallery,
at the Slater Museum on Norwich, CT, and the Mystic Art Association.
He has had one-person shows at the Lyman Allen Museum in New London,
at the Terrain Graphics Gallery in SoHo, NYC, as well as the
York Square Gallery in New Haven.


Hare Raising Tails hardcover book


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"Net Results" from the artist series by Don Eccleston



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