Artist series - Dave Habben

David Habben loves to draw and paint, walk and run, and sleep and
dream. He gets to do all of these things because he's been blessed
with supportive family and friends who strengthen his faith and let
him crash on their couch.

The greatest disappointments, and as a result, the greatest joys in
life, are a result of our personal relationships. While we are born
into familial connections, our individual and romantic love must be
sought out individually. This quest is the meaning of our existence
and "no other success can compensate" for it. Although this is true,
we are often distracted by the temptations constantly surrounding us.
The praise of the world, monetary rewards, and our own pride often
prevent us from sharing our lives with others. The figures in this
piece represent some of the aspects of this struggle. The men, in
battle uniforms, blindly battle toward a shared goal. The woman
carries her freedom, yet contently waits in her cage. All our
distracted by masked temptations and the binding threads of a world
set to prevent success. Such is our universal struggle, to lose
ourselves in love.

"Meat Wayne" Anthony Garrity Guest Bro model by Dave Habben



Red Coat from the artist series by Dave Habben


Liberty from the artist series by Dave Habben


Blue Coat from the artist series by Dave Habben


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Don't fear the reaper by Dave Habben


"Overboard" a Worship/Lowcard collab by Habben