Artist series - Reese

Southern California born, but northern California raised artist Rick Reese (b. 1972) has been working as an illustrator since finishing school with a BFA in Long Beach in 2001. His only desire, to work in the comic book and toy industries, was fulfilled over the next few years as he worked on The Simpsons, and Futurama comics. He was then lured away by the Siren calls of toy design/illustration and all that it entails. 
  Then, after yet another 8 hour day was crossed off the 2004 calendar, he decided he would not spend another inside a grey cubicle. He bid a happy farewell to the cubicle, to the fluorescent lighting over his drafting table, to the buzzing computer monitor, and to the making of products that did nothing more than fill up America's landfills. Now he spends his days as a freelance illustrator and teacher at Cal State Long Beach where he indoctrinates his students with corporate mistrust and paints on stuff that doesn't belong to him. 

"Car # 1" from the Artist series by Rick Reese


"Car # 2" from the Artist series by Rick Reese


"Car # 3" from the Artist series by Rick Reese


"Car # 4" from the Artist series by Rick Reese