Mathew Albright Fundraiser

On Saturday night, at approximately 5:45 pm, my brother, who just arrived home after 3 weeks on the road(truck driver), was walking to his house from his truck parking site (3 blocks), when he was struck by a car, and nearly killed. the guy never even stopped... it threw my bro 30 feet into a water filled ditch. he has a shattered right knee and lower leg, broken hip and pelvis, nearly severed right ear, bruised lungs and tons of glass in his face, neck, and head. he is alive, but it will be months before he can walk on his own again. The drunk asshole turned himself in 36 hours later (once he sobered up), saying that he thought someone threw a brick through his windsheild.... his wife saw my brothers hair and blood on the guys windshield and made him turn himself in. He would have stayed quiet if it weren't for his wife. My brother has 4 kids, and he is the one who worked....... say a prayer for my brother, he needs all the help he can get right now. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE, PLEASE. IT RUINS LIVES. Chris


Chris Albright - Guest Pro Model & Fundraiser